Download the latest version of the OctaneVPN client on our Updates page

Quick Connect:

To make a secured connection to the closest server, enter VPN username, main password, click Connect. That's all it takes!

Status Section:

Check the upper right in the client for a quick update on the client current status. Red means that you're aren't connected to the VPN. Green means that you're fully secured.


Double click any location to connect immediately. Sort the locations by City, Country, or Favorites. Select individual VPN gateways by clicking the number of servers available.

Speed Test:

Use the speed test to find the fastest servers for your location


Set options like Launch and Connect at Startup and Start Minimized. Use the logging toggle for debugging connection issues


1) Common

Set default gateway – This option enables/disables sending traffic over the VPN. Default is enabled (protected)

IP and DNS leak protection – This option acts like an internet kill switch. This will keep your internet from working if you lose the connection to the servers.

Protocol – UDP or TCP. UDP is faster but TCP is useful in some cases when you want to mimic HTTPS traffic or if you’re having trouble staying connected

Port – Changing ports may help if you’re having connection issues. Can be used in conjunction with protocol to mimic HTTPS by choosing port 443 and TCP

2) Balancing

Load Balance – Automatically choose gateway based on server load

Random Balance – Connect to a random server each time you connect

3) IP Settings – Use this to automatically change IP at a set interval

Interval to change IP – minimum 5 minutes

Notify of IP changes on the tray