We have made the decision to close on June 30, 2025.   When we started this business back in 2012, the VPN landscape was quite different and choices were limited as to both scale and type of networks that offered the features we wanted ourselves.   The world is different now, dominated by a few large players.  Yes, we have a niche market and our smaller size keeps us off many IP blocking lists.  However, we have moved on to other projects and our commitment to updating and growing OV has waned.  Based on time constraints, we do not feel we can serve you at the proper level and have decided to close rather than provide substandard service. We will operate the network as we do today until that time.


So, if you are a customer, here's what were are planning to do:

1) If you have paid for an account, we plan to operate the network as we do today until June 30, 2025.

2) Beginning July 1, 2024, we will set annually renewing accounts to "Cancelled" status so they will not renew to a service date past June 30, 2025.

3) We will continue renewing semi-annual accounts until December 31, 2024, similarly ending June 30, 2025.

4) We will renew monthly and quarterly accounts until December 31, 2024, meaning service would terminate January 31, 2025 for monthly accounts or March 31, 2025 for quarterly accounts.

5) We do not intend to collect any payments or renew any accounts after December 31, 2024.

As we move through the year, we will remove options to sign up for new account types whose initial expiration date would be beyond the dates noted above.

If you presently have a shorter billing cycle (monthly or quarterly) and would like to stick around until June 30, 2025, you may want to upgrade to an annual account before June 30, 2024, when the option to purchase annual accounts will be phased out.


If you are not presently a customer:

1) You may still sign up for service, but be aware we plan to stop renewing accounts as noted above.


It's been our pleasure to serve you the last 12 years.

We know our customer base leans toward tech and IT.  If you have a desire to purchase OV, we are open to entertaining a discussion.


Monday, May 27, 2024

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