Latest Version of the OctaneVPN Client:

Download the latest version of our software to get started using the VPN on your Windows or Mac OS X computer

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Older Versions of OctaneVPN Client:

Older Versions of the OctaneVPN Client: Below are the older versions of the OctaneVPN client you can use if the latest version does not operate well for you. We encourage our users to use the latest version of the software, as we are constantly updating features, locations and bug fixes.


* default server is now the nearest server for new installs.
* new installs default to using the random port setting.
* fixed a bug related to server list updates.


* Windows service update and security related fixes.
* Fixed issue with application window icon not being initialized in windows.



* completely reworked how connections are managed and made.
* no more confusing groups. connect directly to a location or gateway from the locations tab or dashboard.
* added the ability to mark favorite locations.
* filter locations by 'core' account support.
* other assorted minor bug fixes.